6 meter Mega Tree kit with 14.400 WS2811 pixels

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Our Mega Tree kit consists of 64 strands with 225 WS2811 pixels each. Each pixel of the total of 14,400 WS2811 LEDs can thus be addressed via the appropriate software (for example, Madrix or Xlights not included in the delivery package) individually via Artnet via the E1.31 protocol.

The top of the Mega Trees is a star made of PP panels with 270 WS 2811 pixels. With its height of about 6 meters, it is the highlight of every Christmas market.

The pixels are mounted on our Boscoyo Studio 12mm Mega Tree Pixels/RGB Pixel Mounting Strips. Optionally in white

The kit includes one of our Advatek PixLite 16 MkII Controlleras well as the matching 5V power supplies.

The substructure of the Mega Trees is made of 3 point trusses in aluminum.

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