Long Range Isolated Receiver

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With this receiver unit, you can control two outputs of the PixLite 16 Long Range MkII controller. The unit converts the signals so that you can connect and operate the pixels to the unit. Using this unit in conjunction with the PixLite 16 Long Range MkII allows you to position your pixels in different locations.

The PixLite Long Range Isolated Receiver also has a 2KV galvanic isolation. This eliminates any differential grounding problems and provides a physical galvanic isolation barrier between the RS485 receiver / stream input and the pixel outputs.

*Highly recommended for commercial and professional installations*

The signal from the PixLite 16 Long Range MkII controller (not included) to the pixels is converted to this receiver unit and output.

You can use standard Cat5/6 cables to transmit the signals (not included).
The receiver unit can be operated in two modes:

Mode 1:
Normal - Each receiver operates two pixel outputs. Each of these two outputs is capable of driving 1020 RGB pixels.

Mode 2:
Expanded - Each receiver card controls 4-pixel outputs. This can be used for pixels that have only one data line but no clock line (such as the WS2811 protocol). Thus, up to 510 RGB pixels per output can be used.

The maximum number of pixels per output is set via the PixLite 16 Long Range MkII.

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